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Telling stories, grabbing attention.

I work as a technical and scientific illustrator, graphic designer and motion designer, and so get to draw and animate some of the most unusual and exciting things in the world.


I am passionate about bringing images and ideas of all types, to life with motion graphics - and imagination. I especially enjoy the challenge of decoding a complex and confusing diagram or client supplied illustration, into something clear, and aesthetically excellent.


I like my design as fuss-free without being sterile or boring.

My ideal client has something interesting or informative they need to convey, is willing to communicate their own ideas and collaborate with me on the design process. I enjoy making images with unusual perspectives, and interesting textures as it suits (I have a growing collection of custom texture brushes) and particularly like drawing figures.


My past (happy) clients have included electrical engineers, museums and heritage attractions, scientific publishers, design agencies, product designers and charities. I have worked on educational materials, rebranding projects, social media marketing campaigns, exhibition design, style guides, many varied projects too numerous to cover here.



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