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Graphic design

Selected design projects form the past 5 years. 

Infographic v2.jpg

Impact infographic - Art UK
Bespoke infographic. Pro-bono work for arts charity, Art UK. Images used separately to accompany an impact statement and animated graphic. Impact statement can also be seen here

BB Smith postcard.jpg
BB Smith postcard2.jpg

Postcards - Art UK

Collateral for trade shows 

Shop postcard.jpg
Shop postcard2.jpg

Iconography, brand design - Tim Benstead Associates

Bespoke icon set for website. A of the logo (also designed by me) utilised the delta symbol, which indicates 'change' the same triangle is reflected throughout the website, and is the basis for each of these icons.


Year in numbers - Springer Nature

Figures showing performance and output of the Nature Reviews journal 'Methods Primers' image copyright Springer Nature.


Art UK collaborative social media campaign.

The concept of using an artwork listed on the Art UK website (I chose Dantis Amor by Dante Gabrial Rosetti) provided me the opportunity to develop an

eye-catching identity and digital assets that could be used not only by Art UK but also by partner organisations.

christmas collaboration.jpg

Education packs - The Silverstone Interactive Museum

With accompanying animations, each of these education packs is designed to be reproduced at low cost, and to engage primary-aged children with engineering. 

Signage for C19 awareness -  reopening of Silverstone Interactive Museum

All icons knockout.jpg

Wayfinding map, Silverstone Interactive Museum

SIM map.jpg

Giftwrap design (part of rejected artwork series)

Giftwrap front.jpg
Giftwrap reverse.jpg
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