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Scientific illustration and design

Created for Nature Reviews Methods Primers, Nature Reviews Rheumatology, Nature Ecology and Evolution, Nature Sustainability, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Geoscience, Nature Aging and Nature Plants. All images copyright Springer Nature

NATSUSTAIN-23114271 Crane comment N&V.jpg

Nature Sustainability

NEE Comerford N&V v3.jpg
NEE Comerford N&V v3.jpg
SG figure comments.jpg

Author's original

Nature Ecology and Evolution

NATSUSTAIN Paxton 23030669C version 4.jpg

Nature Sustainability

NRR-21-143_Vaglio f2 [Recovered].jpg

Nature Reviews Rheumatology

Ncancer Munitz N&V.jpg

Nature Cancer

NCVR-2023-04-1706B Ramiro f2.jpg

Nature Cardio Vascular

NRR-22-111_Ferrari f2.jpg
NRR-22-111_Ferrari f4.jpg

Nature Reviews Rheumatology

NPLANTS 240116275B Raynaud Review F4.jpg

Nature Plants

NRMP-21-174_Hatton_electrochemical carbon capture f7.jpg

Nature Reviews Methods Primers

23082736C Malekpour comment.jpg
RJ Sustainability- s41893-024-01316-8 Gates N&V.jpg

Nature Sustainability

Layout example Lehman.jpg

Nature Cell Biology

NRMP-22-240_Ding_Extended reality in biomedicine f2.jpg

Nature Reviews Rheumatology


Nature Aging

Restyling a Methods Primers figure

from an author's original.

NATCITIES 23090411A Roberts RevF1.png

Nature Cities

Nature Reviews Methods Primers promotional graphics. 

Geoscience- s41561-024-01461-x_Klepikova_News & Views.jpg

Nature Geoscience

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