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Scientific illustration and design

Created for Nature Reviews Methods Primers, and Nature Reviews Rheumatology.

All images copyright Springer Nature.

Inline spectrometer.jpg
Compound store.png
NRMP-21-100_Schlichting_Serial-Femtosecond-Crystallography f2.jpg
NRMP-21-172_Koper_water electrolysis f7 v3.jpg
NRMP-21-174_Hatton_electrochemical carbon capture f7.jpg
NRMP-22-208_Cormode_contrast agents f2.jpg
NRMP-22-240_Ding_Extended reality in biomedicine f2.jpg
NRR-22-111_Ferrari f1.jpg
NRR-22-111_Ferrari f4.jpg
NRR-22-111_Ferrari f2.jpg
NRR-21-217_Isaacs f4.jpg
NRR-21-217_Isaacs f3.jpg
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